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he calls me "momma"

intro post =)

name: jamie
age: nineteen
location: auburn, alabama
when are you expecting: december fourth! (the ultrasound said the 18th.. but my nurse said she is still going by the 4th because late ultrasounds sometimes can be a few weeks off)
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant: i've had the "morning sickness" in early pregnancy.. but after that, i've loved it so far! i love it now.. i absolutely love all the kicking and moving around baby does. i can't even remember how not being pregnant feels right now.. so it's going to be weird for me after baby is born.

baby bumpbaby bump
baby bump again
the test
the original due date was dec 1st... then the 4th after the nurse calculated it up again... 
sleeping.. like the one of the only things i've been doing during this pregnancy! lol or at least it feels that way sometimes.

yeah, bad pictures.. but when baby is here i'm going to have lots of better ones, hopefully! =)

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