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babies in 2007's Journal
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Date:2009-10-07 19:20
Subject:Babies close together

I have a daughter that is will be 3 in february and one tha will be 2 in April.  I alos have two boys 5 and 8.  Anybody got any tips on how to handle all 4 as a single mom?  Would love some input.

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Date:2008-07-19 00:20

Name: sheryl
Age: 27
Married/single/etc.: married
Location: fl
Child[ren]'s name[s] and age[s]: Lucus 9 months!
Picture of your baby 

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Date:2008-07-10 21:56
Subject:Tutus For Sale/Trade -x posted a bit

I make and sell tutus to make a little extra money. I also love to trade, so if you make something (crochet, knit, sew, jewelry, etc.), let me know and maybe we can work something out!

All of my tutus are hand-tied onto ribbon (not elastic) so that they are adjustable up to 3 inches in either direction comfortably, so there is plenty of room to grow. This also means have an opening in the back (that you can't see if the tutu is fit properly) and they are designed to tie in the back.

The following are some of the tutus (and headbands/bows) I've made recently (in the last 3 months) and their parents have given me permission to use the photos in advertising. Prices are negotiable, but generally they're around $25.

See Tutus Here!Collapse )

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Date:2007-11-14 20:17
Subject:intro post =)

name: jamie
age: nineteen
location: auburn, alabama
when are you expecting: december fourth! (the ultrasound said the 18th.. but my nurse said she is still going by the 4th because late ultrasounds sometimes can be a few weeks off)
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant: i've had the "morning sickness" in early pregnancy.. but after that, i've loved it so far! i love it now.. i absolutely love all the kicking and moving around baby does. i can't even remember how not being pregnant feels right now.. so it's going to be weird for me after baby is born.

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Date:2007-11-10 18:57

name:   Katie...baby is Daniel
age:  26, Daniel is 3 months
location: Chesnee, SC
when are you expecting:  I already had him August 11...he was 8 weeks early!
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant:  I'm glad it's over!
pictures:  This is Daniel and his Dad

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Date:2007-09-13 12:17
Subject:infant seat recalls

toys and carseat recalls listed here:


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Date:2007-08-13 23:17
Subject:Maternity / Baby related items for sale

Hey, incase anyone's looking for something ... I have stuff listed on E Bay finally.  :)  Check out the other items I have for sale too.  Thanks!


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Date:2007-08-08 00:58
Subject:hi, my name is allie and i'm prego.

name: Allison Peterson  
age: 20
location: Californ-i-a
when are you expecting: August 10th, 2007. Only a couple more days! Eeek!!
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant: At first I was scared and had no idea what to do, but since then things have changed dramatically. I'm so excited and I can't wait to meet my baby!

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Date:2007-08-02 16:54
Subject:Maternity 2x/3x for sale

The link below has photos of what I'm selling. I think I posted this before, but my internet was down for a while, so I'm not sure if anyone replied. The prices are OBO and if anyone would like to buy the lot it's $180. They are all either 2x or 3x (pants are all 3x I think). I had my baby in late April, so some of the more summery things are still new with tags, but I wore everything that doesn't have tags through the winter with a sweater and they worked out just fine :)


If you're interested, please email me directly at paganpiratemama @ yahoo dot com


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Date:2007-08-01 18:53

location: Lou, Kentucky
when are you expecting:Mid Nov. I think
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant:excitement, worry of course
pictures:not yet :)

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Date:2007-06-23 14:39
Subject:Stuff For Sale

If this is not allowed, please let me know and I'll remove it.

I'm going through all of my things and will be selling over the next few weeks. I think all the maternity and baby stuff is in this list though...

Asking prices do not include shipping. The shipping cost will vary depending on how many items you want and where you live. I'm not opposed to shipping internationally, but the cost will obviously be higher. Prices are not set in stone and

I'll do my best to remove items as soon as someone decides to purchase them. If they are not sold for whatever reason, I'll inform the next person who asked.

If you want to buy something or have any questions, please respond to the post or email me directly at paganpiratemama at yahoo dot com


I put them into categories below. There are photos of every item aside from one baby item, so it's graphic intense. However, there are descriptions of all the clothes along with asking prices.

Maternity 2x/3xCollapse )

Non Maternity 2x/3x some I wore during pregnancyCollapse )

Plus Size LingerieCollapse )

Baby Clothes NB/0-3 Mostly Girl, Some UnisexCollapse )

x-posted a few places

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Date:2007-06-08 11:56
Mood: productive

name: Quinn
age: 25
location: Grand Prairie, Tx
when are you expecting: I gave birth January 19th, 2007 to a healthy 8lb 12oz baby boy!  It was my due date as well!
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant: I enjoyed my pregnancy a lot. I loved feeling him move and loved dreaming! My labor and delivery weren’t scary either. I recommend getting an epidural if your not good with pain! If you can do without more power to you!
pictures: Click on BabyBlake!

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Date:2007-06-04 16:05

name: Nina
age: 26
when are you expecting: i delivered on March 15, 2007-on my due date!
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant: I loved being pregnant --until the end then I had to pee all of the time!
pictures: hereCollapse )

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Date:2007-06-03 14:37
Subject:Tips for Natural Birth

Hi girls,

Check out this article on the Best Positions for Active Labor - it gives advice on making the birth experience less painful and shorter the natural way.  The more you are prepared for birth the better.  All the best to the mommies to be!


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Date:2007-05-31 13:46
Subject:new to the community!

name: Tabi
age: 22
location: Big RAPIDS MI
when are you expecting: December 2 2007
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant: Right now it just sucks!! I am so tired!!
pictures: Will post pics later!!!

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Date:2007-05-18 19:53

For those of you who are on the border of 2007/2008, here's an intro to the 2008babies community

All women due at the end of December and all women having a 2008 baby are welcome to join.

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Date:2007-05-03 09:50

i duno if this is allowed or not i looked on the rules page and didn't see anything against it. so if its not allowed then feel free to delete mods. anyways i made a community for babies or pregnant ppl in 2007-2008. so join if you want!


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Date:2007-04-30 19:46
Subject:Intro Post

name: Julie
age: 32
location: California
when are you expecting: Mid June
what are/is some of your feelings/emotions of having/being pregnant: Happiness mixed with sadness. I'm happy that my babies are coming but sad at the same time that I have to start from scratch to get my body back.
pictures: They're not here yet!

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Date:2007-04-19 16:21
Subject:Prego survey

first pregnancy
due in August 2007

surveyCollapse )

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Date:2007-04-18 13:24
Mood: tired

About The Mother
Name?: Jessica
Age?: 22
Height?: 5'6
Pre-pregnancy weight?: 160

About The Father
Name?: Brad
Age?: 32
Height?: 6'0
Are you still together?: Yes

About Your Pregnancy
Is this your first pregnancy?: no, we have a daughter, Kaci, whom is 28 months old. Her B-day is Dec. 12th
When did you find out you were pregnant?: April 4th
Was it planned?: Yes
What was your first reaction?: Happy
Who was with you when you found out?: Brad
Who was the first person you told?: Brad
How did your parents react?: Their happy they're going to be grandparents again
How far along are you?: 7 weeks 1 day
What was your first symptom?: Tender breasts
What is your due date?: December 5th
Do you know the sex of the baby?: I want to find out when I can.
If so, what is it?
Have you picked out names?: Not yet
If so, what are they?:
How much weight have you gained?: Around 3 pounds
Do you have stretch marks?: From Kaci yes
Have you felt the baby move?: not yet
Have you heard the heartbeat?: not yet, my first doctors appt. isn't until May 2nd

About the birth
Home or hospital birth?: Hospital.
Natural or medicated birth?: Probably medicated
Who will be in the delivery room with you?: Brad
Do you think you'll need a c-section?: I hope not
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?: Probably
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?: Don't know
Would you let someone videotape the birth?: no
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?: very excited

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